The Washington Tax & Public Policy Group (WTPPG) is a cutting-edge government relations firm specializing in the development and implementation of legislative and regulatory solutions on a broad range of policy matters. We provide our clients with sophisticated government relations services, strategic planning, political intelligence and unparalleled technical expertise.

WTPPG handles all aspects of our clients’ legislative projects from beginning to end. We provide our clients a combination of bipartisan political relationships and technical expertise that sets us apart from others in Washington, D.C.

Our combined government and private sector experience enables us to work closely with Congress and the Administration. Our strong and trusted relationships with the members of the House and Senate Leadership as well as key House and Senate committees translate into positive results for our clients. Specifically our firm has strong relationships with the tax-writing committees, as well as the as the authorizing committees on commerce, banking, and armed services committees in both bodies. We also work closely with the Treasury and Commerce Departments, as well as agencies like the FCC and the U.S. Trade Representative.

We provide our clients with a clear and thorough assessment of the political, legislative, and regulatory landscape. We work with our clients to identify legislative issues, draft legislative solutions, and develop and implement a successful advocacy strategy. Given that the regulatory environment can be equally as challenging, we also work with our clients to ensure that agency regulations and guidance are fully consistent with our clients’ needs and objectives.

Our approach is hands-on. We work closely with our clients to understand all aspects of their issues in order to design optimal solutions, including identifying adverse proposals in advance. We keep our clients engaged and directly involved and believe that it is essential to maintain a continuous and open dialogue to ensure that our clients’ interests are best served at all times.